Míguez (5,80 €) Coffee or Tea , Piece of buttered pastry, Orange Juice

Backery (6,00 €) Coffee or tea, toast (with oil, butter, jam or tomato), orange juice. With iberian ham (7,60 €). Gluten Free (7,80 €)

Pancakes (7,95€) Coffee or tea, pancakes (2 ingredients of your choice), orange juice.

English (7,10€) Coffee or tea, scrambled eggs, orange juice. With Bacon (7,10€)

Benedict (8,30 €) Coffee or Tea, Eggs Benedict (egg, hollandaise sauce, bacon and cheese) + orange juice

Secret (6,30 €) Coffee or Tea, slice of Cake, Orange Juice

Ibérico (6,40 €) Coffee or Tea, Iberian Ham flea, Orange Juice

Light (6,20 €) Coffee or tea, whole wheat toast wiht fresh cheese cooked ham and orange juice

Español (7,10 €) Coffee or Tea, Mini Omelet, orange juice

Santiago (6,60 €)Coffee or tea, juice, yogurt with homemade granola, seasonal fruit and honey

Goloso (4,00 €) Chocolate with Churros.

New York (8,00 €) Coffee, tea or Colacao + New York Roll of your choice + orange juice.

Capricho (7,00 €) Coffee, tea or Colacao + waffles or brownie (1 add-on to choose) + orange juice.


Capricho Table (18 €) Pancakes, Croissant, Nutella, Honey, Caramel, Bowl of fresh seasonal fruit, piede of cake and tea paste of your choice.

Gourmet Table (20 €) Toasts of assorted breads, tomato, butter, oil and jam, Iberian ham, homemade omelette, bowl of fresh seasonal fruit, piece of cake and piece of pastries of your choice.


Two poached eggs on brioche bread topped with our delicious hollandaise sauce. hr>

Eggs Benedict Santiago (7,30 €) With tomato and mozzarella.

Eggs Benedict Salmon (7,30 €) With smoked salmon.

Iberian Eggs Benedict (7,30 €) With Iberian ham and Cheddar cheese.

Eggs Benedict with Avocado (8,30 €) Avocado, Cheddar and bacon.


Croissants - Stuffed Croissants - Neapolitan - Cream Ribbon - Conch with raisins - Cream or cream ensaimada - New York Rolls of different flavors - Sponge cake portions - Puff pastry palm trees - Chocolate canes - Nutella or nutella muffins - Donuts of various flavors - Little bows and puff pastry palms - and much more.


Sausage with Cheese (3,00 €) Baguette, oil, chorizo and cheese.

Iberian (4,00 €) Ciabatta, tomato, oil, Iberian.

Pork Loin (4,00 €) Ciabatta and pork loin.

Bacon (4,00 €) Ciabatta and bacon + (cheese).

Spanish Omelet (3,50 €) Bollita, Spanish omelette.

Vegetable (3,20 €) Rye ciabatta, mayonnaise, lettuce, bonito, tomato and asparagus.

Cereal ciabatta with anchovies (3,20 €) Mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, fresh cheese, black pepper, anchovy and oil.

Roasted Ham (4,00 €) Chapata, roast ham + (cheese)

Toast Nordik (4,00 €) Ciabatta, salmon and fresh cheese.


Mix sandwich (3,20 €)

Vegetable sandwich (3,20 €) Mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and tuna.

Sandwich 2 cheeses (3,20 €)

Iberian Sandwich (4,00 €)

Mixed sandwich with egg (4,20 €)


Tomato, oil, butter, jam, cream cheese, Nutella. (2,30 €).

Tomato with Iberico(3,40 €).

York(3,40 €). With cheese (4,00€)

Cream cheese with strawberry jam and nuts (4,00 €).
Cream cheese with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon(5,50 €).

Nutella and natural strawberries. (3,00 €)
Smoked salmon with avocado and poached egg. (7,50 €)
Eggs Benedict with sliced avocado and tomato. (7,20 €)
Eggs Benedict with Bacon and laminated tomato. (7,00 €)

Chocolate Brownie (3,95 €) with crunchy English cream. With ice cream (4,95 €)

Yogurt bowl (3,60 €) with homemade granola, fresh fruit and honey.

Waffles 1 ingredient (€3.20) 2 ingredients (€3.85) 3 ingredients (€4.75). Choose between Nutella, honey, oreo, cream, dulce de leche, fruits, ice cream.

Pancakes 1 ingredient (€2.95) 2 ingredients (€3.60) 3 ingredients (€4.50). Choose between Nutella, honey, oreo, cream, dulce de leche, fruits, ice cream


Orange juice (1,90 €) - Large (3,50 €)

Slush (3 €) strawberry or lemon.

Milkshakes (3 €) vanilla, chocolate, cream, strawberry and much more.


Small or large coffee With milk, Americano, espresso, iced, cappuccino.

Míguez Coffee (4,10€) Coffee, milk, cream. (Nutela or Pistachio, to choose).

Ice Coffee(4,30€) Nutela or Pistachio.

Bombón(3,50€) With condensed milk.

Coffee with ice cream(€4.00)Coffee with a scoop of ice cream of your choice.

House coffee (€4.00) Coffee with hot chocolate and cream.

Viennese (€2.70) Coffee with cream.

Irish (€3.70) Coffee, Irish whiskey and cream.

Bayleis (€2.70) Coffee with Bailleys.

Mocaccino (2,70€)

Chocolate (2,50 €)

Chocolate with cream (€2.75)

Flavored chocolate (€2.80) Dark chocolate, milk, White, White hazelnut, Black brownie, Black tiramisu, Toffee milk, Praline milk, Black coconut.

Capuccino (2,50 €)

Large Cappuccino (€4.00)

Special Cappuccino (€3.00)


English Breakfast, Black tea with cinnamon, Green Tea, Green tea with mango, White tea, White tea with strawberry and raspberry, White tea with papaya and passion fruit, Forest fruits, Caribbean fruits, Piña Colada, Lemon and ginger, Apple and Cinnamon, Chamomile, Mint, Linden, Digest, Vital, Relax, Rooibos with apple, Rooibos with cinnamon and Mint, Floral Rooibos, Matcha, Masala Chai.

ICE TEA (2,30 €)

Rooibos Passion Fruit, Rooibos Pear, Lemon Black Tea, Peach Black Tea, Guarana Green Tea, Forest Fruit Black Tea, Piña Colada Tea, Mojito Green Tea, Blackberry Black Tea.


Flavored cheesecakes, Tiramisu, Lemon cake, Three chocolates, San Marcos, Black forest, Red velvet, Carrot cake Passion fruit cake, White and black truffles, Cornstarch and chocolate alfajores, Apple pie or pie, Baked cheese tartlet , Santiago tartlet, Florentine tartlet, Fruit souffle, Assorted eclairs, Meringue curlers, Chocolate shavings, Macarons, Butter pastries.

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